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by Valphon at 1:55 AM
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Howdy folks!

Well, this speaks for itself doesn't it?

I hope you find navigating around the website a bit easier! Ultimately this is how it will look from here on out, but I may tweak some bits here and there. If you have any suggestions, please drop me a message on my Skype!

See you on the server,
MineCove Root
by Valphon at 11:31 PM
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Greetings MineCovians!

I have some good news, and I have some bad news!

First lets hear the good news:

The new map is up and live. Check out our new spawn, new map, and all this other new stuff!

Be certain to thank
AlexPeanut and Bregnagra for our new spawn!

The bad news is:

All building transfers became corrupted and were lost. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to salvage the situation.

Please check
this link for all information regarding the loss of your buildings.

My condolences,
by Valphon at 8:07 PM
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Hi all,

As some of you may have noticed, our map is quite full. There's barely any space left! Due to this, I've decided to create a new map on Monday, March 31st. With this new map, all other maps will be removed. Additionally, all /homes will be erased along with balances, inventories, and enderchests.

If you have a building you'd like to be transferred, the process for doing so is simple, submit a modreq that contains the coordinates of your building. (/modreq x y z). Remember that the coordinates can be found by hitting F3.

The rules for building transfers:

- One transfer per player
- Only buildings will be transferred. No towns/farms/underground structures. You can however, build a building OVER your town/farm.
- Buildings that could be recreated in less than an hour will not be transferred (dirt huts for example)

If for some reason your building transfer is an issue, you'll be spoken to and the issue will be resolved

Common questions/Comments:

Will my McMMO/rank/items be deleted?

No, your McMMO skills and ranks will not be deleted. Your items can be saved if you place them in a chest within your build that you are transferring. Anything in your inventory or enderchest however will be deleted.

What time will the reset occur?

Most likely, the server will be shut down Sunday evening, March 30th, and will be down for a few hours.

Can I choose where my building goes?

Yes, after the reset, find a place on the map where you'd like your building to be placed. Submit a modreq stating "I'd like my building here!". Note: Buildings will only be placed once - Choose carefully!

What if I don't submit my building request before the reset?

Unfortunately you'll lose your building if you do not submit a modreq...
by wynryprocter at 8:16 PM
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FTB Monster
Grand Opening




It's been a long time coming but our Monster Server
is finally complete enough to open!

Coming Soon!

*Mob Arena*
*Select Donator Perks*
*Multi-World Farm*
*Build Contests for Spawn Structures*
*PVP world/arena*
*Player Market Area*
*Villager Trading Village*


The Deep Dark is a realm that can only be reached through hard work. It can also be used as a great mining world! More information on The Deep Dark can be found here!

Please see the post in the contest forums for details here!


Ranks have a few changes..

We have 2 new ranks. Tin and Copper.
Tin can be earned automatically after 20 hours of gameplay. Copper can also be earned the same way, but with 200 hours of gameplay. Each rank has its own kit and extra permissions and allowances such as access to quarries and changes in quarry size allowance.

Diamond now gets /fly.

Uranium Rank now lasts 45 days, has allowance to...
by Valphon at 1:18 PM
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Howdy MineCovians, I have some troubling news!

While doing our routine backups, I seemed to have deleted our entire ban database on survival and PVP!

(I did the exact same thing on this day last year, what are the odds of that!)

What does this mean for you? Well that depends on who you are!

If you are a regular player, a friend that may have been banned can now play once again!

If you are a banned player, you once again are allowed back onto the server! That being said, even if you only have the intention of getting rebanned as you are one of those frustrated fellows, feel free! Our newer moderators could use the practice!

If you are a moderator, well, sorry guys! Good luck with some of the returning troublemakers!

Apologies for the error folks!
MineCove Root

by Valphon at 11:00 PM
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Greetings MineCovians!

I'm happy to announce that I have increased our TeamSpeak slots and upgraded it in such a manner that connection issues should a thing of the past!

Remember that TeamSpeak is not only free to use but is an excellent way to bond with your fellow MineCovians. Why not join in and make good use of these upgrades - You do not need a microphone to participate!

If you do not yet have TeamSpeak installed, you can download it here: http://www.teamspeak.com/

Our TS IP is: mc.teamspeak3.com

Secondly, should any MineCovian feel they need extra assistance that cannot be provided by the use of /modreq, you are welcome to message me on Skype.

Username: Valphon

I am available most of the time, heck I'll even respond if the alert sound wakes me up while I'm sleeping!

(Note: If too many people end up waking me up I'll be pretty darn grumpy on the server. You don't want a grumpy Valphon do you? )

MineCove Root
by Sandeamus at 12:10 AM
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You'll notice now when you do /spawn you come into a new world!

:) 1.7 map is now available!

No builds will be move till after Christmas.

:DGo explore !!!:D

do /warp oldspawn to get back to the old map
by Valphon at 11:13 AM
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Hey there MineCovians!

Periodically I like to do a survey of the community to see where we can improve and things of that nature. All who have been a part of MineCove are encouraged to participate. The instructions are simple:

If you feel like contributing, copy + paste all of your responses to these questions and send them to my inbox. Some of these questions are quite broad - feel free to elaborate on your answers. All of your responses will be confidential.

1. Why do you continue to play on MineCove? If you no longer play on MineCove, why did you leave?

2. What has been your best/fondest memory on MineCove? What has been the worst?

3. What is your favorite feature on MineCove? Your least favorite?

4. What is one feature you would like to see added to MineCove? (This includes a different server type)

5. Who is the best staff member? Why?

6. Which staff member do you dislike the most? Why?

7. How often do you use TeamSpeak?

8. How often do you vote for the server? (Don't lie to me - I have logs!)

9. What server do you play on the most and why? (Survival, PVP, FTB)

10. Any other suggestions, comments, or criticisms you have for me?


If you have something to say, nows the time to say it! Remember - Send this to my inbox.

MineCove Root
by Iphesus at 8:14 PM
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Minecove PVP
IP: pvp.minecove.org
Welcome to the release of Minecove PVP!
Do you have what it takes to embark on a journey into our brand new PVP server? Do you have what it takes to fend for yourself against all odds? In a world where everyone is out to get you? Are you itching to unleash your inner barbarian?
Then it's time you join us!
Team up and take out foes! Make allies! Wage war, and build bases (hopefully) strong enough to withstand enemy siege.
Get on and join in on the action!
This server offers a fun PVP community with the convenience of
helpful staff and the experience of unique plug-ins like the bleeding mob effect that brings even more gratification to your PVP kills.


The custom-built spawn offers everything a PVP-er needs, including shops for resources that you can use before braving the wild, and Six Hidden Dungeons!


Make sure to sharpen your skills in our 1V1 Arena with the /duel (player-name) command.


Don't miss out on the rest this server has to offer.

Offers a wide variety of skills you can train!
Treasure bags:
A bag dropped by mobs containing random items.
Upcoming Boss Arena:
A place...
by wynryprocter at 8:36 PM
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Feed The Cove


Finally the time has come, and I am proud to announce the opening of the new extension of The Cove- Feed The Cove. It is a server brought up with the same values that Minecove holds itself so highly for. Fantastic staff, great community, fun and people who respect one another. Now some of you still don't know what Feed The Cove even is. Well, it's a server with the Unleased Feed The Beast Modpack enabled. Feed The Beast brings much more to the game than normal vanilla does- including, but not limited to; magic, electricity, more redstone capability, fuel, oil, new bosses, new flowers, new biomes, new mobs, new realms to explore and much much more. (Even more then 1.7, just sayin')


"OMG WYN, this all sounds so awesome! How do I get in on this?!"

Glad you asked, below this post Nosmeister will give you a more indepth tutorial on how to join. I will tell you now though, that you cannot join with the normal vanilla launcher. You will have to go to http://feed-the-beast.com/ and download the launcher that is appropriate for whatever platform you are using. If you are using a PC, download the Exe. If you are using a Mac, download the Jar.

"I don't know how to do anything!!! Help?!"

Of course we will try our best to help you, but there are many things online that can help you as well.

This is the FTB Wiki:...