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by AngelFangz at 8:45 PM
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Is it ACTUALLY breathing underwater ...
or are you simply holding your breath for a long time?

We don't know! Regardless - You will not drown!

Type /waterbreathing to enable

Caution: You may drown

Note: This perk will not be obtainable after August 30th!

by Valphon at 7:07 PM
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How to win 1 million Lunas

For every 10 pages of posts made here:


One random poster will be chosen and be given 1 million Lunas!

Each post you make = 1 Entry

What should your post include?
  • A comment at least 3 words in length​
  • A picture of the server​
  • A story

What should your post not include? (Any of the below will result in a redraw)
  • Two or more posts in a row​
  • Spam​
  • Something not nice​
  • Repetitive​
  • Under three words​

Remember - If post includes any of the above five - You will not be chosen as a winner and there will be a redraw!

Have your fellow MineCovians post to get the topic up to 10 pages! Once it hits, a random winner of 1 million Lunas will be chosen!

Share this shortened link with your friends! http://bit.ly/CovePromo

Good luck!
MineCove Owner
by AngelFangz at 12:57 PM
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Head over to the Donation Shop this week to gain access to the new PVP / Raid-Enabled Ruins Map! Explore the city, gather resources, get affordable gear to help you survive.

This world has a separate inventory from the Survival or Creative worlds and there will be no protections on builds or chests provided.

Once "purchased" just type /ruins to access

This perk will be available for the week of August 16, 2014.
by Valphon at 10:59 PM
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The new rank system! It's simple!

Each star represents an elevated status

You can have up to three stars in game that look like the following:

Stars can currently be obtained by:

250 posts on the forums
100 total votes within the same month
Donation at the donor shop

Rules with forums

- Spam posts and posts within the forum games section are not counted towards your total post count -
- Players who attempt to cheat the system will have their post count reduced appropriately -
- Upon obtaining 250 posts, message an admin to have your star approved -

Rules with votes

- You must vote 100 times within the same month, all vote counts are reset at the start of the month -
- If you are unable to get your 100 votes in the same month, you will have to restart at the next month -
- Upon obtaining 100 votes (use /vr stats to see your current count) message an admin -

Once you receive a star, it is permanent! You don't lose it!

Having stars will have future benefits for players. Stay tuned!

Questions? Comments?
You may reach me on my Skype: Valphon

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MineCove Root,

by Valphon at 8:22 PM
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I'm pleased to announce that the changes to the donation shop and rank system are underway.

The donor shop is split into two categories:

Server-wide Perks:

Apply to all users on the server. Last two weeks unless otherwise noted.

Click to see what is currently available for serverwide perks

Individual Perks:

Applies only to you. Perks do not expire until the feature is removed from the server.

Click to see what is currently available for individual perks

Expect to see the new rank system released this weekend.

Questions? Comments?
You may reach me on my Skype: Valphon

Follow us on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/CoveofMining

MineCove Root,
by Valphon at 12:20 PM
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MineCove will be undergoing some significant changes in the near future, as follows:

  • The donor ranks Iron, Gold, Diamond, Amethyst, Emerald will be removed
    • The ranks will no longer be offered at our donor shop
    • Due to the rank system overhaul, the above ranks will not be available in game
    • Expect to see other methods for obtaining the new ranks

  • Some in-game features will temporarily be unavailable, including but not limited to
    • Mining mob spawners
    • Ability set more homes
    • Portable enderchest/workbench
    • Kits

  • New features will be available to players, including but not limited to
    • Ability to increase the world map size
    • Creation of auto announcements
    • Unique ranks
    • Being Valphon
The above list is not all-inclusive. Expect changes to commence on July 31st.

Questions? Comments?
You may reach me on my Skype: Valphon

Follow us on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/CoveofMining

MineCove Root,