New Map Live!

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That's it - Go have fun!

New Map - Additional Info!

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- New survival map official launch time -
August 30th at 12pm EST!

Changes being made that you should be aware of:


  • Free McMMO credits on the webshop are 100 a month instead of a one time 1,500
  • McMMO experience needs are the same for each skill regardless of each level's individual skill
  • Max time for abilities uncapped
  • McMMO boxes max out at 5 credits instead of 10

  • Daily player boost temporarily removed
  • The "A Dozen VoteParties!" is capped at 5 purchases, globally, every 12 hours
  • Reminder - If you purchased an ABC rankup in the past, you can redeem that again on this map at a time of your choosing. Message me to see how many you have available or when you would like to redeem one of these purchases

  • Most of the armor/weapons/tools found in crates have had their stats adjusted
  • Server texture pack...

Map Reset Timetable

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Hey Covians!

Following our recent community poll whether we should have a reset of MineCove's Survival map, a majority of voters were in favor of a map reset.

92 Total Voters
59 'Yay!' (64.1%)
33 'Nay!' (35.9%)

As a result we will be having a reset of MineCove's Survival map.

Current Timetable:

August 25th:
Transfer modreqs are accepted. See more information on the transfer process at the bottom of this post.

August 30th:
New Survival map goes live. Current /Survival is renamed /Legacy.

January 1st:
/Legacy (Old /survival) is closed.

Transferring your stuff:

Builds, stats, and items on /Survival...

Should we reset MineCove's Survival map poll!

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Hey all!

We recently ran a poll (See here!) where a majority of voters decided we should release a new map on Survival. That poll was a preliminary vote, it decided whether we should host an official poll and gather as many votes/feedback as possible. This is that official poll!

Again - This is the Official Poll that will decide whether we reset MineCove's Survival map! It's important to vote and give your feedback!

What a reset of MineCove's Survival map means:

1. All requested builds that a player owns are to be migrated to /timecapsule and placed at an open location of their choosing. This includes items in chests!
2. Players will have 3 months to request their builds to be transferred. After which, the survival map will be closed. The process for transferring builds will be announced if the majority decides on a map reset.
3. During...

Time for a Cube!

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Starting at 5pm EST 7/16!

Head to /Cube - Clear /Cube to bedrock!

Community Rewards when Finished:

-25% Webshop sale until the end of September!

Individual Rewards when Finished:
(Some blocks in /Cube will give points upon breaking them! Neat!)

The top 100 players with the most points will earn rewards, based on the following ranks:

Rank 1: 3,000,000 Lunas + 100 McMMO Credits + 1 Rare art!
Rank 2: 2,500,000 Lunas + 75 McMMO Credits + 1 Rare art!
Rank 3: 1,500,000 Lunas + 50 McMMO Credits + 1 Rare art!
Rank 4 - 10: 1,250,000 Lunas! + 25 McMMO Credits!
Rank 11 - 30: 1,000,000 Lunas!
Rank 31 - 50: 750,000 Lunas!
Rank 51 - 100: 250,000 Lunas!

BONUS: Exchange website Emeralds for points:

1 website Emerald = 100 Points!

Respond to this topic...

Join our Steam group!

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Come join us for fun and the potential for future giveaways at our new Steam group

See you there!

Block Merge Event!

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The fabled Block Merge Event is now live - This event will run until April 26th!

The process is simple:

  1. Open /merge in game
  2. Merge down the selected blocks as far as you can
  3. Right click the result for points!

/points to see your score
/topscore to see the top 100 scores

The top 100 scorers will earn the following:

1st Place
Champion Title for 1 Month
1,000 McMMO Credits
10m Lunas, 5 Rare Portraits
A stack of 1 Custom 1x1 Portrait
100 Pokemon Cards
100 Vote Crates
1 on 1 meeting with Colt

2nd Place
750 McMMO Credits
5m Lunas
4 Rare Portraits
75 Pokemon Cards
75 Vote Crates

3rd Place

500 McMMO Credits
4m Lunas
3 Rare Portraits
50 Pokemon Cards
50 Vote Crates


Happy New Year!

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From the staff of MineCove, we would like to wish all of our community members a very happy New Year.

As a token of gratitude to the amazing player-base we support, Valphon along with the Administrator team, have unanimously decided to give all of our players a clean slate going into 2020. As such, we have cleared EVERYONE's record of all warnings, bans, mutes, and so on. This means that any outstanding bans or mutes are hereby revoked.

Please keep in mind that our rules still apply, we are simply trying to give everyone a new chance to start fresh and rejoin our community in a different light.

To go along with the new year, we are also releasing Pokemon cards in-game. These are the original 151 Generation 1 Pokemon Cards. Currently these items are *only* obtainable from Vote Crates in-game. They may eventually be added...

End of the decade events!

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As the 2010s come to a close and we're nearing our last month of the decade, we'll be running some events until midnight January 1st, 2020!

Current events now live until January 1st, 2020:

• 10 votes per vote party
• 2x Emeralds earned from website postings
• -33% webshop sale
Letter exchange

Expect to see more events as we come closer to the holiday season!

New market system is live!

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Use /pshop for purchasing items off other players
Using /pshop sell quantity price will list the item in your hand for the price you set it at

The following ranks are limited to selling the following:

Default Rank: 10 different items at once
Iron: 20 different items at once
Gold: 30 different items at once
Emerald: 50 different items at once
Diamond: 100 different items at once

Players can purchase off /pshop at rank C
Players can sell items on /pshop at rank E

New listings will be announced in chat until the 25th

Reminder that the previous /market will be removed on October 1st...​

Heads up! /Market removal!

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We will be removing the /market feature on October 1st, 2019. Please remove any items on the /market storage by October 1st, 2019.

Anything stored on the /market after this date can NOT be recovered. The market storage can be accessed by performing /market followed by clicking the LEFT chest.

We will be replacing /market with a new system following the removal.

Global Rewards are Back!
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The prizes have been changed for the Monthly Build Contest! Each team/individual will have a chance to win more pure gold bars!

1st Place: 15 Gold Bars + 1st Pick of Prize Pool
2nd Place: 11 Gold Bars + 2nd Pick of Prize Pool
3rd Place: 7 Gold Bars + 3rd Pick of Prize Pool
4th Place: 3 Gold Bars + 4th Pick of Prize Pool

Global rewards have returned! Listed below are the rewards that will be picked from by the 1st place winner of each Monthly Build Contest! This will be enjoyed by the entire server! The first global reward will be picked on October 1st by the winner of September's Monthly Build Contest!

/fix for all users
/fly for all users
/kermit for all users
• mcMMO[COLOR=rgb(44, 130...
Global Rewards Have Returned!.

Happy 7th Birthday MineCove!

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Happy 7th Birthday MineCove!

7 years ago on this day MineCove officially opened on September 1st, 2012.
(Not only is MineCove 7 years old, but now MineCove is also 1 year old in dog years! Hoora!!)

In those 7 years, MineCove has fostered innumerable friendships that have lasted long after the interest in Minecraft had faded. I'm proud to have led this community to achieve that result.

For those of you who haven't yet, I would encourage you to join our Discord, Facebook, and website. That way you can look up the friends you made when you or they have stopped playing Minecraft.

To join:

Click this link, make sure you have a Discord account!
Click here to request to join our Facebook group!
Click here to register on our website!

Now, for the fun stuff!

For the month of September to celebrate MineCove's...

ABC Rank Revamp!

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Greetings all!

I am pleased to announce that the ABC ranks have been revamped and offer new perks. You may check out the full list of perks up to rank Z here:

Note that the prices have not been changed.


Earn Special Emeralds!

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Hey all!

You may have noticed some slight changes to the website. Part of these changes are the newly introduced website currency - Emeralds!

Emeralds are earned by -

1/Emerald per post*
5/Emeralds per thead created*
25 - 50/Emeralds per daily login

*Not including player Support & Games subforum

= Bonuses! =

2x Emeralds per post in the POTD subforum
3x Emeralds per post in the Introductions subforum

Emeralds can be used for a variety of future purchases, but for now - Collect your Emeralds and have fun!

Fresh Lick'O'Paint

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Hello Fellow Covians,

As you can see, our website has received some much needed renovations. The new version of our website is now incredibly more secure and the style is now more streamlined on both desktop and mobile versions.

Our Bans and Store websites will also be updated soon.

We also have purchased an extension that allows you to sync your in-game donator rank with your forum rank (No more post count requirements, yay)!
To sync your accounts, simply log into the website, or register if you haven't already, and then go in-game and type /link. Click the box where it says to, and then you're all set!


Spawners Event!

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Greetings all!

Some of you may have found special items in vote crates over the past few months that looked like this:

Now for the month of May only, you can spell a mob's name and earn that mob's spawner!

Here's how:

  1. Collect the letters you need
  2. Spell out the mob's name on item frames, 1 letter per item frame
  3. Submit a /modreq at the item frame location
  4. An admin will check your mob's name and, if complete + correct, send you the mob spawner!

Additional info:

  • This contest will run for the month of May ONLY!
  • You can obtain letters from vote crates or they drop every half hour on Survival
  • There may be future contests using the letters to spell different words, so hold on to them
  • Anyone can spell any mob's name any number of times and earn as many spawners as they'd like
  • If your mob's name has a space, simply use a blank...

February Update

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Hey everyone!

Here are a few updates for February:

Official Towns
If you are interested in establishing an Official Town, an updated set of guidelines and application format
can be found here.

New Market Center
We’ve updated the server’s public /shops market area to a new location at the center of the map. Each plot costs 100k. To claim a plot, file a /modreq at your chosen plot and a staff member will provide access.
The previous /shops area can be accessed through /warp oldshops.

PvP Arena
Head over to /pvp (alternatively, /warp arena) to battle with other players!
Be certain to read all of the rules signposted at the entrance before entering the PvP area.

If you have any questions, please...

MineCove Holiday Season!

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Howdy folks!

As we edge closer to the holiday season, we've much planned over the course of the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned to activities on the server, updates on our social media pages, and of course - Take heed of what you hear from your fellow Covians!

With 2019 just around the corner you can expect significant changes and updates. You'll hear more as time goes on ;)

Have a great holiday season, see you on the server!

June Update!! Lotto Events, Custom tool/armor....

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Hey MineCove Players!!,

It's been awhile since we've had an update and we do appreciate your patience over the last few months. That being said we do have some exciting things to share and we believe you will enjoy most of them if not all. Now onto the good stuff.

Color Names - We've never allowed colored names in the past. However, we've decided to change a bit with the times.
  • Prestige V - You can request your Prestige color tag. -->
    . This will be done free. However, if you /nick yourself. You will lose the color. It will cost 5,000,000L to replace.
  • Prestige Z - You can request a colored name of any color. (&4 and &c Not allowed.) -->
    . This will...