Special Contest Entries!

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Hi Folks! I am happy to announce the Special Contest Entries!

These folks have completed their builds are are ready to host anyone interested in learning about the causes that are dear to them.

Scampyfairhair and Bananawam

Puppies behind bars

Puppies behind bars is a organization that solves quite a few problems, they are an organization focused on providing service dogs to folks that have physical or mental trauma from wars and other dangerous professions such as first responders. These dogs are actually trained by prison inmates as a way to gain marketable skills in the pet grooming and training fields post release.

In all its a great cause and thanks to Scampy and Bananawam for informing us about this!

To see their build, you can go to /Puppiesbehindbars or go to Spawn and there is a portal leading to it inside the main building.

Here is the link if you're...​