Global Rewards are Back!
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The prizes have been changed for the Monthly Build Contest! Each team/individual will have a chance to win more pure gold bars!

1st Place: 15 Gold Bars + 1st Pick of Prize Pool
2nd Place: 11 Gold Bars + 2nd Pick of Prize Pool
3rd Place: 7 Gold Bars + 3rd Pick of Prize Pool
4th Place: 3 Gold Bars + 4th Pick of Prize Pool

Global rewards have returned! Listed below are the rewards that will be picked from by the 1st place winner of each Monthly Build Contest! This will be enjoyed by the entire server! The first global reward will be picked on October 1st by the winner of September's Monthly Build Contest!

/fix for all users
/fly for all users
/kermit for all users
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Global Rewards Have Returned!.

Earn Special Emeralds!

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Hey all!

You may have noticed some slight changes to the website. Part of these changes are the newly introduced website currency - Emeralds!

Emeralds are earned by -

1/Emerald per post*
5/Emeralds per thead created*
25 - 50/Emeralds per daily login

*Not including player Support & Games subforum

= Bonuses! =

2x Emeralds per post in the POTD subforum
3x Emeralds per post in the Introductions subforum

Emeralds can be used for a variety of future purchases, but for now - Collect your Emeralds and have fun!

Spawners Event!

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Greetings all!

Some of you may have found special items in vote crates over the past few months that looked like this:

Now for the month of May only, you can spell a mob's name and earn that mob's spawner!

Here's how:

  1. Collect the letters you need
  2. Spell out the mob's name on item frames, 1 letter per item frame
  3. Submit a /modreq at the item frame location
  4. An admin will check your mob's name and, if complete + correct, send you the mob spawner!

Additional info:

  • This contest will run for the month of May ONLY!
  • You can obtain letters from vote crates or they drop every half hour on Survival
  • There may be future contests using the letters to spell different words, so hold on to them
  • Anyone can spell any mob's name any number of times and earn as many spawners as they'd like
  • If your mob's name has a space, simply use a blank...