Earn Special Emeralds!

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Hey all! You may have noticed some slight changes to the website. Part of these changes are the newly introduced website currency - Emeralds! Emeralds are earned by - 1/Emerald per post* 5/Emeralds per thead created* 25 - 50/Emeralds per daily login *Not including player Support & Games subforum = Bonuses! = 2x Emeralds per post in the POTD subforum 3x Emeralds per post in the Introductions subforum Emeralds can be used for a variety of future purchases, but for now - Collect your Emeralds and have fun!

Spawners Event!

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Greetings all! Some of you may have found special items in vote crates over the past few months that looked like this:
Now for the month of May only, you can spell a mob's name and earn that mob's spawner! Here's how:
  1. Collect the letters you need
  2. Spell out the mob's name on item frames, 1 letter per item frame
  3. Submit a /modreq at the item frame location
  4. An admin will check your mob's name and, if complete + correct, send you the mob spawner!
Additional info:
  • This contest will run for the month of May ONLY!
  • You can obtain letters from vote crates or they drop every half hour on Survival
  • There may be future contests using the letters to spell different words, so hold on to them
  • Anyone can spell any mob's name any number of times and earn as many spawners as they'd like
  • If your mob's name has a space, simply use a blank...