February Update #1 - Mob Hunting, Farm World and more!

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Hey everyone!
Lots of stuff to talk about for this month's first update!

Mob Hunting
Mob Hunting is a plugin that rewards you for hunting mobs. Roam around the world and find monsters to kill, complete achievements, and earn money. Spawning has been increased in the Farm World (detailed below) so you can use that world to find more monsters. It should be noted that mobs spawned from eggs, spawners, farms, or any other method that isn't natural will not reward you with items. There is a system in place that will learn areas that are farms and prevent money from being earned in those areas. The store has a new Booster called the Mob Hunting Happy Hour. There is a 1 hour and a 6 hour option and they both provide double money drops from monsters when active.

Farm World
A new world has been added to MineCove called the Farm World. It is to provide a new way to gather resources rather than tearing up the main...

Ownership Status of Minecove and Maps Are Back!

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Hello Minecovians!

Most of you will not be familiar with me and some of you may have seen me pop on the server from time to time. Some of you have also been asking questions as to why I have an Owner tag and where I've hidden Mr. Valphon. I've kidnapped him and I'm here to take over MineCove! It will now be called SlimeCove. Now don't worry, Valphon is safe, he's just being kept somewhere "secret".

Obviously I'm kidding and there's a different explanation. Valphon being a busy person with real life commitments needed a break. He came to me and asked if I could hold down the fort for him for an undefined period of time. Valphon was a staff member on my server before he branched out and started MineCove. He and I have been friends for many years and have worked together on each other's servers for a long time. I'd help him here and he'd help me on mine. He's not gone for good, but in the meantime, I'll be handling MineCove. Taking on a second server is not going to be an easy task...

July - Inception Month!

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Hey everyone!

A lesser known bit of MineCove history -
MineCove was first devised, named, and worked on July 2012
Our Beta-Phase occured during the month of August 2012
As most of you are aware, MineCove officially opened September 1st 2012

That means MineCove is closing in on being 5 years old. Half a decade!

To celebrate this incredible milestone, we'll be running some awesome promotions over the next three months.

To start, the following are in effect:

  • Vote crates have been revamped! New prizes include Grand Blocks, 6 Hour Potions, and brand new Gear sets. Drop rates are also increased for this month!

  • You can now redeem FIVE collectors items for tons of Lunas! Check /changelog in-game to see which of these there are. Additionally, all Player Boxes will now drop 1 collectors item - None will be empty!

  • There are now Shiny Pokemon cards! Shiny cards are extremely rare, but for the month of July all...