February Update #1 - Mob Hunting, Farm World and more!

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Hey everyone!
Lots of stuff to talk about for this month's first update!

Mob Hunting
Mob Hunting is a plugin that rewards you for hunting mobs. Roam around the world and find monsters to kill, complete achievements, and earn money. Spawning has been increased in the Farm World (detailed below) so you can use that world to find more monsters. It should be noted that mobs spawned from eggs, spawners, farms, or any other method that isn't natural will not reward you with items. There is a system in place that will learn areas that are farms and prevent money from being earned in those areas. The store has a new Booster called the Mob Hunting Happy Hour. There is a 1 hour and a 6 hour option and they both provide double money drops from monsters when active.

Farm World
A new world has been added to MineCove called the Farm World. It is to provide a new way to gather resources rather than tearing up the main...