Welcome to MineCove.net! 

Spring Cleaning Update! 

(Following up on the announcement found here)

New Farms!

Three vast worlds with procedurally generated structures to explore, treasures to be found, and special mobs to be fought!

We recommend bringing an empty enderchest and a powerful sword. Both the loot, and risk, are great.

Check them out at /Farm, /Netherfarm, and /Endfarm!

Interest & Taxes

Tax has been removed, interest has set to 10% of the previous values, and will accrue 30 minutes sooner. We’ll continue to monitor this and make adjustments as needed.


/Onion, a command of the letter O rank.

A fleeting currency, it's value to be thanked.

Rising and falling, like the tides of the sea..

But hold on too long, and mold is all you'll see.

So heed this warning, and be shrewd!

For in MineCove, luck can be pursued!

Buy and sell, with skill and grace,

And see your onion fortune take its place!

Map and Webmap

The Webmap has returned at https://map.minecove.net/

It should run much smoother. 

Additionally - The world borders on /green and /blue have been expanded by 50%!

Resource Pack

The Resource Pack (aka texture pack) will now load MUCH quicker. No more refreshing between servers too!

Expect to see some very special items being distributed in various ways in the near future


All votecrates can now be opened year round - No more forgetting to open a vote crate by the end of the month!


The website has been given a huge revamp and the webshop is back online (with a Spring Cleaning sale now active)

 Credit to TheeOhSee (doggypoolparty#5315) for snapping the background photo on our homepage!

The Helpers

Lastly - After more than a decade of running MineCove with the moderator and mod+ staff system, we're to announcing the launch of a new system: The Helper System.

What are Helpers, you ask? They're like moderators and mod+s, but with an added focus on supporting the community. We believe this new system will be a significant improvement over the previous one.

And the best part? Anyone in the community can apply to be a Helper! Check out the three postings below and apply to one, two, or even all three if you're interested. We’ll be reviewing all of the applications in a couple weeks time after everyone’s had the opportunity to apply.

Now, we do ask for your patience as we transition to this new system. Understand that the previous system was refined over the course of a decade, so it will take some time to work out the kinks in this brand new system. But we're confident that it will ultimately be a vast improvement over it's predecessor. Thanks for your support, and we can't wait to see all the ways the Helper System will benefit MineCove!

Please discuss these changes in #updates-discussion on our Discord. 

The only way we can continue to make the best decisions is with your feedback!

Current (Helper) positions we have open:

10x Wiki Helpers (Click to apply!)

5x Creative Server Helpers (Click to apply!)

2x Redstone Helpers (Click to apply!)

Current features still in the workshop being polished:

Events, Towns, /Boost, /Heads, /Merge, BuildATool, /Prizes, /Bottle, /Trails, /Pshops, Fishing, /Disguises, /ABC Warp, /Specialties, /BoardGames, ChatReaction, /Market Stalls, Letter Exchange

Join us on Discord!