Please also note that these rules ARE NOT all inclusive and therefore are subject to change at any time, by a member of the Staff team.
Griefing is forbidden.
  • Forms of griefing:
    • Destroying/Placing blocks without consent from the original builder.
    • Killing/stealing mobs that someone has intentionally saved.
    • Looting unlocked chests/furnaces/containers/etc.
  • Even if an area/build appears to be abandoned, please file a /modreq to verify that the build is abandoned. If abandoned, a member of the admin team will regenerate the area for you.
Offensive usernames and skins are forbidden.
  • You will be immediately banned if you have an inappropriate name and/or skin. You may appeal your ban on the forums after changing your name and/or skin to conform to our rules.
Don’t try to be a vigilante.
  • This includes backseat moderating.
Global chat rules
  • Global chat is strictly English.
  • Any form of spam is forbidden. While this is on a case by case basis, typically this includes:
    • Caps spam: 4 or more words ALL CAPS
    • Key spam: Repeated characters greater than one line of chat
    • Repeating the same message multiple times.
  • Do not use profane language.
    • Keep global chat PG-13, we are a family friendly server!
    • You may use ‘crap’, ‘hell’, 'ass', and ‘damn’, if not directed at another player.
    • When in doubt, don’t say it.
    • This rule also applies across all public MineCove medium. (In-game signs, pets, website, discord, etc.)
  • Advertising is forbidden in any form. Including, but not limited to:
    • Posting IP addresses to other servers
    • Posting ANY non-minecove related links.
    • This rule applies across all MineCove public and private medium. (In-game signs, pets, website, discord, etc.)
Respect your fellow MineCovians.
  • MineCovians are defined as anyone using the MineCove medium. This includes all players, staff, affiliates, guests, and such.
  • Don’t be a nuisance
    • We are all here as a community of fellow MineCovians. Treat each other with respect.
  • Harassment of any player or staff member is forbidden.
    • This includes any form of discrimination due to race, religion, sex, age, disabilities, etc.
Modded/hacked clients are strictly forbidden.
  • Client modifications that give you an unfair advantage are forbidden.
  • Cosmetic modifications are allowed so long as they do NOT give you an unfair advantage. The following are examples of allowed modifications:
    • Performance improvement (Optifine, etc.).
    • Aesthetic modifications (Shaders, Texture Packs, etc.).
    • Hud modifications (Armor and status effect)
    • Gamma modifications
    • Minimap modifications, so long as they do not show additional data such as resources, cave systems, etc.
      • Minimap modifications may contain player markers, waypoints, biomes, and entities.
Do not impersonate anyone.
Do not encourage anyone to break any of the MineCove rules.
Do not exploit any bugs

  • Exploiting any bugs will be met with a permanent ban and all your data wiped from the server.
  • Please report any bugs found on the forum, so that we may address it.
Your account is your responsibility.
  • Buying/selling/trading MineCraft accounts over MineCove medium is strictly forbidden.
    • Buying/selling/trading MineCraft accounts is a commonly used avenue for scammers.
    • In order to protect our users, we DO NOT allow this on any of our mediums.
  • If you share your account, or use someone else's, remember that offenses against accounts stay with that account. Just because that account used to be your brother’s and now it’s yours does not mean that account has a clean slate.
  • Do not ask for a staff position. Check /staffinfo for that information.
  • Do not leave floating trees, 1x1 towers, or 1x1 holes randomly.
    • You may however leave these things if it is in a region.
    • 1x1 holes may also be considered player traps, as a player could fall in and die.
    • 1x1 holes underwater are allowed as a player cannot fall into this and die.
  • Any redstone machines, mob grinders, etc that are found to be lagging the server will be removed. Please keep this in mind while building.
    • Intentional lag machines are not only removed, but also met with a ban.
    • Mob grinders EXPLICITLY forbidden, but not limited to: Iron Golem, Endermen, Zombie Pigman
  • AFK pools are forbidden.
  • Nickname rules are as follows:
    • Your nickname MUST begin with the first three characters of your username.
      • Example: If your username is Notch, your nickname must begin with 'Not'
    • Your nickname MUST NOT exceed 16 characters in length.
    • You may claim 1 free nickname for each donator rank above Iron that you own.
      • Iron ranks do not get a nickname change.
      • Gold ranks get 1 nickname changes.
      • Emerald ranks get 2 nickname changes.
      • Diamond ranks get 3 nickname changes
    • You may claim 1 free nickname at ABC Rank Ⓘ
    • You get access to /nick at ABC Rank Ⓥ
  • ALL rules are subject to change at any time by a member of the MineCove Staff.
    • Remember: Any and all staff decisions are final.
    • If you feel a staff member’s decision was against the best interest of the community, please message Valphon.
Forum Specific Rules
  • Post threads in the relevant forum. Anything found in the wrong section will be moved by a moderator.
  • Do not change a thread's topic. Thread hijacking is against the rules. If you wish to discuss a different topic, create a new thread in the relevant forum.
  • Post farming, one word responses, or anything else you may do to increase your post count unfairly is forbidden. Please refer to Rule 3. Repeat offenders of this rule may be subject to disciplinary action.
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    May 5, 2019
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