12 Days of MineCove!



Every day for the next 12 days we'll be running 12 new events. All will last until January 1st 2021!


December 12th: +500% McMMO Experience Boost!

December 13th: -25% ABC Rankup Cost!

December 14th: New /Treasure, /BetterTreasure, and /BestTreasure drops! Increased Treasure Chest drop rates!

December 15th: Map Expanded by 1000 Blocks!

December 16th: Webshop Holiday Sale!

December 17th: Voting Rewards Doubled!

December 18th: -90% /Boost Cost!

December 19th: Everyone can /eglow Dark Green or Dark Red!

December 20th: Treasure Chests contain 2x Rewards!

December 21st: Rare Pokemon Card drop rate increased!

December 22nd: 100%+ McMMO Box Credits!

December 23rd : 500%+ Votecrate Spawner Drop Chance!

BONUS December 24th : Words GIFTS and HOLIDAY on /letterexchange!

BONUS December 25th : Everyone gets 100,000 Lunas!

BONUS December 26th: The nether has been reset!

Check back here daily for the rest of the events - Remember, all will last until January 1st!

Happy Holidays!