Block Merge Event!

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The fabled Block Merge Event is now live - This event will run until April 26th!

The process is simple:

  1. Open /merge in game
  2. Merge down the selected blocks as far as you can
  3. Right click the result for points!

/points to see your score
/topscore to see the top 100 scores

The top 100 scorers will earn the following:

1st Place
Champion Title for 1 Month
1,000 McMMO Credits
10m Lunas, 5 Rare Portraits
A stack of 1 Custom 1x1 Portrait
100 Pokemon Cards
100 Vote Crates
1 on 1 meeting with Colt

2nd Place
750 McMMO Credits
5m Lunas
4 Rare Portraits
75 Pokemon Cards
75 Vote Crates

3rd Place

500 McMMO Credits
4m Lunas
3 Rare Portraits
50 Pokemon Cards
50 Vote Crates

4th Place
250 McMMO Credits
3m Lunas
2 Rare Portraits
25 Pokemon Cards
25 Vote Crates

5th Place
100 McMMO Credits
2m Lunas
1 Rare Portrait
10 Pokemon Cards
10 Vote Crates

6th - 10th Place

1m Lunas
100 McMMO Credits
10 Pokemon Cards

11th - 25th Place
1m Lunas

26th - 50th Place
500k Lunas

51st - 100th Place
100k Lunas

Enjoy all - And good luck!


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if its alright to write here.

i think the "Most effort = most reward" system dont work in merging, since the top player gets around double the reward from second player, but in theory only have
to do 1% more work for it. also most people will put almost the same ammount of effort into it, gaining around the same amount of points, but a few points can be the difference in millions of L.

last but not least, the top 3 players get 10m, 5m, and 4m + some other stuff for 2 weeks of work, while the bottom 75 gets 500-100k for what can be earned in 5 min if you want 100k, and an hour or two if you want 500k

i personaly think the merging event should work with a "more effort = more reward" system instead, since this will make it more fair for all.

hope its not wrong of me to write it here
caucasus :)
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