Build Transfers - Have your request in by January 31st!

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Stannis Did Nothing Wrong
I'd like a build transfer please!
I would like to transfer my land show in this video
it's a purple land but if you can't transfer the whole land i would at least like to transfer all of my builds at once
I would like this to be transferred please.
Very last minute, but this is a second build I'd like transferred if possible. It's going from being on terrain to floating in midair, my plan is to add a few stories below the first floor in /survival. The build is relatively small, the only part I can forsee as possibly being tricky is the roof but I have marked the corners with 2-block-high lapis/redstone towers and the center is a 2-block-high redstone tower. Thanks guys!
These four builds are all set!
Not open for further replies.