July - Inception Month!


Hey everyone!

A lesser known bit of MineCove history -
MineCove was first devised, named, and worked on July 2012
Our Beta-Phase occured during the month of August 2012
As most of you are aware, MineCove officially opened September 1st 2012

That means MineCove is closing in on being 5 years old. Half a decade!

To celebrate this incredible milestone, we'll be running some awesome promotions over the next three months.

To start, the following are in effect:

  • Vote crates have been revamped! New prizes include Grand Blocks, 6 Hour Potions, and brand new Gear sets. Drop rates are also increased for this month!

  • You can now redeem FIVE collectors items for tons of Lunas! Check /changelog in-game to see which of these there are. Additionally, all Player Boxes will now drop 1 collectors item - None will be empty!

  • There are now Shiny Pokemon cards! Shiny cards are extremely rare, but for the month of July all Shiny Pokemon cards now have a 2x flip rate!

  • The afk kicker is disabled for ALL players!

Lots more on the way!

So stay tuned and be sure to check in frequently as we get closer to our official 5 year birthday - September 1st!

Thanks all!


MLG Pro Minecover
Wow I've been playing this server on and off for 4.5 years now... Hard to think I was 9 when I joined . Now I'm almost 14..... Life goes by too fast...
I have so many memories of the 1st map