June Update!! Lotto Events, Custom tool/armor....



Hey MineCove Players!!,

It's been awhile since we've had an update and we do appreciate your patience over the last few months. That being said we do have some exciting things to share and we believe you will enjoy most of them if not all. Now onto the good stuff.

Color Names - We've never allowed colored names in the past. However, we've decided to change a bit with the times.
  • Prestige V - You can request your Prestige color tag. -->
    . This will be done free. However, if you /nick yourself. You will lose the color. It will cost 5,000,000L to replace.
  • Prestige Z - You can request a colored name of any color. (&4 and &c Not allowed.) -->
    . This will cost 10,000,000L

Custom Tools/Armor - We've been testing out custom items via Lottery Events. The outcome is what we expected. So we've decided to add ways for you to use Lunas to get custom items. These items will be limited to (Pickaxe , Axe , Shovel , Hoe , Sword , Bow , Helmet , Chest , Pants , Boots. )

Tier 1
Playername - (Tool or Armor Name) - 1 color allowed - No lore.
You may pick Silk or Fortune 3 (Max) Looting 3 (max)
Examples below :



Cost : 10,000,000L

Tier 2

Playername + Any other words - Up to 3 colors - 1 Line of lore.
Silk or Fortune 4 (Max) , Looting 4 (Max)



Cost : 25,000,000L

Tier 3

Any Name , Any Colors , Any Lore.
Silk or Fortune 5 (Max) , Looting 5 (Max)



Cost : 50,000,000L

Prestige Y

You can claim 1 free Tier 2 item. Just /modreq and we will get to it asap.
Lotto Events - Recently we've been holding lottery events every 15 minutes usually for a couple of hours. This has been a huge hit among players. So we've decided to keep it around. However, as anything we have to have some guidelines.
  • Admin will pick first prize of the night. Once the first winner is drawn. That player will pick the next item used.
  • No items can be used twice in a row.
  • Onions/Lunas/Tier 2 & 3 Custom tools aren't allowed.
  • Admin can refuse any requested item. Admin can pick the amount of said item to be given.
Please also keep in mind these events will be random. It could happen at 9am , 3pm or 8pm. Hint for everyone : Our player count is higher later in the day via EST timezone.

Moving Builds - Own a build you want to keep but it's in the way of another project you have? Your in luck. Guidelines and price below.
  • Build must be in your region.
  • Must be your build or permission from co-builder to move build.
  • You must own the area the build is getting moved to.
  • Only builds above ground will be moved. No basements , No tunnels , No Chest.
Price : 2,500,000L
Flat Land Services - Over the years we've always had players ask about getting flat land. However, we felt it was better to make players clear it themselves. However, As MineCove goes on builds are getting bigger and many players would like to cut out that time waster of clearing land. So below you will see guidelines and prices for Flat land services.
  • Only surface area can be flattened. Nothing underground. No we aren't going to bedrock for you.
  • You MUST own the land you want cleared.
  • 150x150 or smaller area will cost 2,500,000L
  • 151x151 to 250x250 area will cost 5,000,000L
  • Use Glowstone at each corner of land being cleared.

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you've gotten this far. I know we probably didn't hit on everything people want. However, this is a start. We are always brainstorming for new ideas and fun perks for players. We are now going to push for an update each month instead of so far apart. I can't promise it will always be a big update. However, anything is better then nothing.

Please by all means post your suggestions. Keep them practical.

Admin Team!
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Since I've been here, this is probably one of my favorite updates. I can clearly see the amount of time the staff team has put into thinking up, testing, and implementing this, and I sincerely thank you all.
The only suggestion I can possibly give beyond this is maybe a way to pay for a Discord announcement in the Small Announcements channel (with, say, 5 million Lunas) or some other way for players to let people know that they are hosting an event of some sort.
Regardless, this is a great update, and as Leila said, I can't wait to see more in the future! :)


While I think this is an incredibly awesome update, I feel like the amounts of some of these items are a bit expensive. I understand the concept of making it so that people REALLY have to work for these things, and that they are things that aren't given out willynilly, but... My pocketbook hurts looking at some of these prices.