Map Reset Timetable


Hey Covians!

Following our recent community poll whether we should have a reset of MineCove's Survival map, a majority of voters were in favor of a map reset.

92 Total Voters
59 'Yay!' (64.1%)
33 'Nay!' (35.9%)

As a result we will be having a reset of MineCove's Survival map.

Current Timetable:

August 25th:
Transfer modreqs are accepted. See more information on the transfer process at the bottom of this post.

August 30th:
New Survival map goes live. Current /Survival is renamed /Legacy.

January 1st:
/Legacy (Old /survival) is closed.

Transferring your stuff:

Builds, stats, and items on /Survival can be migrated to /Timecapsule. You have until January 1st, 2021, to migrate your things to /Timecapsule. Generally things will be moved on a case by case basis.

For Builds..
You will need an open area on /Timecapsule to place your builds. We will be transferring builds, *not* whole regions unless the whole region is filled with builds. In circumstances where you would like to keep some of the open land, please let us know.

For Stats..
McMMO will be converted to McMMO /credits on /Timecapsule. ABC ranks & regions will be converted to Lunas at a 1:1 ratio to /Timecapsule. Lunas will be added to your balance on /Timecapsule.

For Items..
All items must be in chests. The chests must be in builds being transferred. Items can not be in item frames, armorstands, or other containers. They must only be in chests.

For other things..
Let us know. We'll do our best to accomodate.

When you're ready to begin your build move process, please file a /modreq and then please be patient. Depending on how long the queue is it may be some time before your build transfer is handled.

Side note & thoughts on the nature of resets:

Most of those who voted 'Nay!' did so due to the loss of progress. This is understandable, once a build is on /Timecapsule it is stripped of its practical value. All that remains is mere nostalgic value. That alone isn't worth much. As a result we'll be thinking of ways to give Timecapsule more practical value & we'll be welcoming suggestions. A few thoughts have been floated on recent POTDs so feel free to give your feedback on those and keep an eye out for new ones in the future.

Thanks all - Please comment if you have questions/comments/concerns!


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Well I didn't get to post in time, not at the fault of Val, but mine due to covid scare and being locked out of the website. I hate resets, but from what I can tell though, this seems very fair!