Mega Emerald Exchange!



For this Emerald Exchange, Emeralds will be collected from the community and sent to none other than KERMIT THE ALMIGHTY!

Rewards are as follows:

Every 10,000 Emeralds in Kermit's account = +1x Votecrate reward multiplier for the rest of 2021
Every 50,000 Emeralds in Kermit's account = 100,000 Lunas sent out to all MineCove players
Every 100,000 Emeralds in Kermit's account = -2% ABC Rankup cost for the rest of 2021

You can send Emeralds to Kermit's account by purchasing gems from this shop: (Click here for the Emerald shop)

Daily logins now give between 10x - 20x MORE Emeralds!

Event runs until the end of 2021!


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It says we should should now get 10x-20x more emeralds per daily login. Unless I'm missing something, it dosnt seem to giving me even 10x the emeralds. Yesterday I got 33 emeralds for logging in, but today I only received 144 emeralds that's a lot less then 10x. But I could be misunderstanding how they are calculated.