New Map - Additional Info!


- New survival map official launch time -
August 30th at 12pm EST!

Changes being made that you should be aware of:


  • Free McMMO credits on the webshop are 100 a month instead of a one time 1,500
  • McMMO experience needs are the same for each skill regardless of each level's individual skill
  • Max time for abilities uncapped
  • McMMO boxes max out at 5 credits instead of 10

  • Daily player boost temporarily removed
  • The "A Dozen VoteParties!" is capped at 5 purchases, globally, every 12 hours
  • Reminder - If you purchased an ABC rankup in the past, you can redeem that again on this map at a time of your choosing. Message me to see how many you have available or when you would like to redeem one of these purchases

  • Most of the armor/weapons/tools found in crates have had their stats adjusted
  • Server texture pack temporarily disabled
  • Vote rewards granted once all four sites have been voted on
  • The new map is currently 12,000x12,000 in size. This will be expanded later on
  • Both old Survival (/legacy) and /Timecapsule will be offline for a period of one week
  • If you voted in our reset poll (or let me know ahead of time you were having voting trouble) you're a 'Legacy' player. Yay! You can run /legacyboost once in game


any specifik time on when the new mab is active?
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any specifik time on when the new mab is active?
you know what, never mind that, right after i posted, i thought i wanted to reread the thread and saw the time at the top, wich i missed the first time....... its 11.16pm at my place, im tired.