Should we reset MineCove's Survival map poll!

Should we reset MineCove's Survival map?

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Hey all!

We recently ran a poll (See here!) where a majority of voters decided we should release a new map on Survival. That poll was a preliminary vote, it decided whether we should host an official poll and gather as many votes/feedback as possible. This is that official poll!

Again - This is the Official Poll that will decide whether we reset MineCove's Survival map! It's important to vote and give your feedback!

What a reset of MineCove's Survival map means:

1. All requested builds that a player owns are to be migrated to /timecapsule and placed at an open location of their choosing. This includes items in chests!
2. Players will have 3 months to request their builds to be transferred. After which, the survival map will be closed. The process for transferring builds will be announced if the majority decides on a map reset.
3. During the same time, a new /Survival map will be released with a complete reset of all items/stats/data with exception to Iron, Gold, Emerald, or Diamond ranks. ABC ranks purchased via the webshop may be re-sent at a time of your choosing on the new map.

At this time - Please do the following:

Vote Yay or Nay in this poll
2. Post your thoughts, input, questions
3. Ask others to vote

This poll will be open until Sunday, August 23rd!
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